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Live slow,



Our FlashBrews

Two flavours to escape your routine

Washed Colombian - Gilberto Rojas

Coffee, filtered water, nothing else.

Washed Ethiopian - Guji Hambella

Coffee, filtered water, nothing else.



Our flashbrews are hot brewed, flash chilled and canned immediately with a shot of nitrogen to kick the oxygen out. What you get is an epic, crisp and clean specialty coffee drink.

Perfect, everytime.



This unique brewing method combined with a controlled pasteurization process makes our product shelf stable and delicious for a long time. A full year on your shelves to be more precise. That's right. Grab a 4 pack, bring it camping, hiking, biking, fishing or anywhere else and you'll have a perfectly brewed specialty coffee accessible anytime. You won't have to get a bad coffee for your fix anymore. 

FlashBrew, much more than coldbrew.

25552 ESC 250 Can Cottage 3D.png

Triple A


This washed Ethiopian coffee is balanced, crisp, complex and clean. This prefectly brewed coffee will go down quickly,

we promise.

Raspberry, Ripe peach sugar, Ylang Ylang

Country: Éthiopia

Region: Guji Hambella

Washing Station: Damu

Producers: 50 smalls producers

Process: Washed & fermented in water tanks for 36 hours

Varieties: Heirloom

Altitude: 2000 - 2200m


Coffee, filtered water, nothing else.



You’re at the right spot, right about to reserve your cottage. This perfectly brewed coffee from Gilberto Rojas will make you escape to a warm spot with it's notes of grapes, caramel and pear. Bring some for your friends!

Notes: Green grape, Caramel, Pear

Country: Colombia

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Farm: La Florida

Process: washed

Varieties: Colombia 

Altitude: 1650m

Coffee, filtered water, nothing else.

25552 ESC 250 Can TripleA 3D.png

 Different series of coffees

We have created several collections to meet the different taste and roasting profiles specific to each.


They're the highest echelon of quality we find with producers we already work with.


The Bright Series coffees were chosen for their unique flavour profiles and are perfectly roasted to showcase these aromas.


The warm series coffees see fairly more development in the roaster, a comfortable cup that will inevitably feel like a warm hug.

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