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Escape Coffee Roasters is a Montreal specialty coffee company  that places the planet, people and quality at the heart of its production. Each coffee must be an epic moment, a moment to escape.



Our star coffees of the moment to escape your routine at any time


In order to guarantee you an epic moment at each coffee, we are looking for the best beans through the most beautiful regions of coffee in the world.

Environmentally friendly

Choice of grains, compostable packaging and ecological means of transport, we reduce our social and environmental impact to the maximum.

Simpler Times

Coffee is inspired by travel, and we want you to travel with it, to inspire you by getting closer to coffee around the world.

The vision of our profession does not stop at the production of coffee, it's a state of mind.

Escape, much more than coffee

3 Series

We have created several collections to meet the different taste and roasting profiles specific to each.


They're the highest echelon of quality we find with producers we already work with.


The Bright Series coffees were chosen for their unique flavour profiles and are perfectly roasted to showcase these aromas.


The warm series coffees see fairly more development in the roaster, a comfortable cup that will inevitably feel like a warm hug.

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