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Speciality coffee.

Conscientiously packaged & delivered.

Handcrafted on an island, near you.




  1. break free from confinement or control.

The purpose.

Coffee is a moment. A moment you escape and visualise new. A moment you reenergise.

Coffee will not make the world a better place. It’s just coffee. However, here at escape we think every coffee moment should be epic. There’s a chance it’s the beginning of something big. Our relentless energy ensures your coffee experience with us will inspire action.


We carefully choose our coffees, the people we work with, the packaging we use and the way the coffee gets to you.  We dedicate ourselves to ensure your day starts with a meaningful moment. Our coffees are conscientiously delivered and handcrafted on an island near you.​


The vision.


Business should be built by prioritising the planet, the community and the quality ahead of profit.

Our team.


The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of all individual parts.​  We embed this approach in our actions.

Our products.

We are responsible for what we create. – David Boucher, escape co-founder

We adopted this phrase as a philosophy. With all the information available on environemental best practices and human rights, we believe companies and brands needs to take responsibility.

We decided:​

 - To carefully choose our coffees. Considering taste, quality, social impact, transportation, origin & workforce treatment.​

 - To ship with the greenest transportation options possible.​

 - To only package our products in compostable or reusable packaging. 

Taste it. Ignite your Escape.

Sincerely yours, 

Dave, Josh & Marc


on an island,

near you.