Triple A is a bomb. Yirga (of Yirga Chefe) means "man of good nature, calm, peaceful", this coffee brings you to a muted calm universe where the only thing that matters is the "now" moment. 


Purchased directly from Yirgacheffe Woreda washing station (in Yirga Chefe City at 1900m altitude), this coffee is a silky fuzzy peach ice cream bomb. Juicy as a peach candy, creamy and silky as ice cream. A washed Ethiopian at its best. We can't describe it further, you'll have to taste it. 


We're in love with this new crop, right on time for summer. Get a hand on one of those bags, we might have underestimated quantity.



Price paid to Yirgachefe washing station: 3.90$ usd/lbs

Price of importation : 0.60$ usd/lbs

Total price paid: 4.50$ usd/lbs

C-market : 0.99$ usd/lbs


Triple A

  • - Type: Single origin

    - Notes: Fuzzy peach, ice cream, silky

    - Country: Éthiopia

    - Region: Yirga Chefe town, Yirgachefe district, Gedeo Zone

    - Washing Station: Yirgachefe Woreda

    - Producers: Over 400 smalls producers around the washing station

    - Process: Washed & 36h water tanks fermentation

    - Varieties: Mixed heirloom

    - Altitude: 1900 - 2050m

Specialty coffee. Conscientiously packaged and delivered. Handcrafted on an island near you

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