Nestled in the Sierra Madre mountains of north-west Guatemala in the department of Huehuetenango you can find Finca Nueva Armenia. 


For over five generations, the Recinos family has dedicated its life to grow and produce coffee and we are proud of this new direct relationship through our friend Sebastian Recinos and his project Balam.


During the late 80s and 90s, the fourth generation started switching practices and processing methods in order to achieve higher quality coffees. Starting with how the nurseries would be watered until how the top of the tree would be chopped off, scaring more than one worker away. The vanguardist techniques have allowed them to maintain the best quality possible over the years. Remaining one of the few and last organic certified farms in Guatemala.


Their hard work shows in the cup. Noemi is the youngest lot amongst the offerings, named after their dearest "Tutuy", the grandma and the main reason why Seb has pursued coffee in life. The only one that supported his idea of planting Maragogype trees. 


Marago being such a distinct variety that offers just complete balance in the cup. The delicate and narrow tall trees produce their unique massive cherries that we all know or have been familiarized with.


Expect a very round and balanced cup full of sugars and brightness.


The trees only produced 60kg this year and since we made it available to our subscribers and wholesale partners, we only have 15 kg left. So if you want one of the last bags, don’t wait.



Price paid to Nueva Armenia: 4.00$ usd/lbs

Price of importation : 0.60$ usd/lbs

Total price paid: 4.60$ usd/lbs

C-market at time of purchase: 1.10$ usd/lbs

Quantity purchased : 132lbs



  • - Type: Single origin

    - Notes: Ferrero rocher, rasberry

    - Country: Guatemala

    - Region: Huehuetenango

    - Producers: Finca Nueva Armenia / Recinos Family

    - Process: Washed

    - Varieties: Maragogype

    - Altitude: 1400-1500m

Specialty coffee. Conscientiously packaged and delivered. Handcrafted on an island near you

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