Berhanu and Mr. Mac are both second generation coffee producers who practice ethical and consistent farming methods. Recognized for its vibrant acidity and fruity flavour profile, this natural processed coffee is also so clean it rivals that of its washed version.


Anferara is located south of Adola, where the soil and altitude makes it ideal for growing outstanding coffees.

Mr. Mac


    - Type: Single origin

    - Notes: Strawberry jam, hibiscus, champagne

    - Country: Éthiopia

    - Region: East Guji

    - Farm: Anaferara

    - Process: Natural

    - Varieties: 74110, Typica, Heirloom

    - Altitude: 1900 - 2050m


    Voici les ratios que nous proposons:

    Filtre 1:17

    Espresso 1:2 en 28 secondes

    Nos cafés sont vendus en grains entiers seulement et nous suggérons de moudre la portion désirée quelques instants avant l’infusion.


    Here's the proposed ratios:

    Drip 1:17

    Espresso 1:2 in 28 seconds

    We sell whole beans only and we suggest you grind it to perfection just before your brew!


    Our coffee is delivered every Tuesday (& Friday if inventory allows), orders need to be entered before Monday 12 h 00 to be included in the Tuesday shipment.

    We ship by bike on certain areas of Montreal.



Conscientiously packaged & delivered.

Handcrafted on an island, near you.

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