Sabino and his wife Maria Jesus live in a small village of farmers who produce both coffee and vegetables at the highest altitudes of Jinotega. When you visit their farm, you may still see Sabino using two oxen to pull a cart or to plow a field before planting. They have five children named Edis, Sabino Vladimir, Kenia, Belccis, and Cristian.


They have abundant raised beds for both drying coffee and selecting out imperfections. Gold Mountain Coffee Growers worked with Sabino’s father, Don Jose, before he passed away, and Don Sabino hopes to continue his father’s coffee farming legacy. The attention he pays to the many details involved with coffee production bodes well for their ability to consistently produce high-scoring microlots. They aspire to plant more coffee and to implement new and more efficient techniques. They say that these improvements will allow them to hire more workers and make renovations on their farm, which has excellent altitude and climatological conditions for coffee production.


We had Sabino and Maria’s coffee on a 20 + cups cupping table, the coffee blew our minds. We already had previous thoughts on the coffees we wanted to purchase from Ben at Gold Mountain. Our blind cupping simply took another direction. This coffee is so bright, it shines through the dark and make your day a better one. 


With its crisp, clean, vibrant and sweet cup this coffee makes it to the amazing Nicaraguan coffee we were looking for. With pear, apple, lime pie and white grapes notes, you’ll fall for it big time.


Who is Gold Mountain?

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a social enterprise that, in addition to its own farm (Finca Idealista), works directly with coffee producers in Nicaragua, including Sabino and Maria Jesus, to connect them with roasters abroad. GMCG is on the ground, all the time, teaming up with producers willing to take the steps necessary (and whose altitude and soil conditions allow them) to produce high-cupping specialty coffee. We literally stand on every partner farm during picking to ensure ripeness with refractometers and ripeness bracelets. GMCG also carries out sustainable development projects in communities, such as free computing classes for girls from coffee communities, medical assistance, microcredit, running water in schools, and educational supplies.



Price paid through Gold Mountain: 3.90$ usd/lbs

Price of importation : 0.20$ usd/lbs

Total price paid: 4.10$ usd/lbs

C-market at time of purchase: 1.10$ usd/lbs

Quantity purchased : 1369 lbs


La Source

  • - Type: Single origin

    - Notes: Lime pie, pear, apple, white grapes

    - Country: Nicaragua

    - Region: Jinotega

    - Producers: Finca La Fuente (The Source) / Jesus Family

    - Process: Washed

    - Varieties: Red Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara

    - Altitude: 1400-1500m

Specialty coffee. Conscientiously packaged and delivered. Handcrafted on an island near you

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