Our collaboration with Hooké allows us to offer a product specially designed for those early risers who come out at dawn to be actors in the main room where mother nature performs every morning. The goal is to create a versatile and comforting product.


This is a Colombian coffee from the Caldas region and producer Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez called La Graciela. A sweet coffee with aromas of marshmallows, cane sugar including a hint of toasted orange. To complete the flavor profile, we have added a Brazilian coffee from the region Minas Serais, recognized for the quality of its products. A yellow semi-washed catua of the producer Pedro Humberto Veloso.


This coffee adds depth to the mix with notes of nuts, honey and yellow fruit. The Hooké blend is versatile and can be enjoyed as a filter, espresso, French press and Italian coffee maker. Order your bag now to help you face the arrival of winter!


  • - Type: Blend

    - Notes : Marshmallow, honey, grilled orange, yellow fruits

    - Country: Colombian, Brazil

    - Region: Caldas / Carmo do Paranaiba / Minas Gerais

    - Farm: Laderas Del Tapias / Paraíso 1 - Pedro Humberto Veloso

    - Process: Washed / Pulped natural / semi-washed

    - Varietal: Caturra / Castillo / Catuaí amarelo (Yellow)

    - Altitude: 1050 - 1800m

Specialty coffee. Conscientiously packaged and delivered. Handcrafted on an island near you

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