Our collaboration with Go-Van allows us to offer a product specially designed for travelling nomads who are looking for the most beautiful places to brew their cups. The goal was to create a product like Karo and Julien while retaining the personality of Escape. So we opted for a Brazilian coffee from the Minas Gerais region. A sweet coffee with aromas of milk chocolate and dark cocoa. We added a natural Ethiopian coffee from the Bohi washing station with tropical fruit and candy flavours. Roasted under our warm series, this coffee will be easy to extract with your favourite brewing method. The perfect travel companion!


The Go-Van mixture is versatile and can be tasted in a filter, espresso, French press as well as Italian coffee maker. Order your bag now for your road trip!

Go Van


    - Type: Blend

    - Notes: Chocolate milk, Tropical fruit, bergamot

    - Country: Éthiopia, Brazil

    - Region: Kochere, Mineras Gerais

    - Farm: Boji, Paraìso

    - Process: Natural

    - Varieties: Heirloom, Red Catuai

    - Altitude: 1050 - 2100m

  • BREW

    Here's the proposed ratios:

    • Drip 1:16
    • Espresso 1:2 in 26 seconds

    We sell whole beans only and we suggest you grind it to perfection just before your brew!


    Our coffee is delivered every Tuesday (& Friday if inventory allows), orders need to be entered before Monday 12 h 00 to be included in the Tuesday shipment.

    We ship by bike on certain areas of Montreal.



Conscientiously packaged & delivered.

Handcrafted on an island, near you.

For any wholesale & marketing inquieries

please contact david@escape.cafe

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