Back in 2019, Emmanuel, owner and manager of Baho Coffee, presented a handful of lots that were traced back to communities living on specific hills near his washing stations. As this is quite unique for East African coffees, this initiative immediately sparked the interest and kickstarted the discussions on how it’s possible to expand and deepen this type of traceability. 


By connecting more closely with producers this way, that ensures we continue to build with them into the future and this motivates these growers to work with Baho, and also inspires growers around them as they see a possibility not only for solid pay for their coffee cherries, but also for recognition and relationships not normally offered to smallholder growers. 


Emmanuel explains how and why the Cyeshero Hill Group was selected:

“At this hill, we count in general 65 farmers that deliver cherries to Ngoma CWS. They generally live a typical life based on traditional agriculture and livestock. This area has poor infrastructure, no clean drinking water, no electricity and we can say that there are very limited sources of income for farmers. Most of the farmers here (+/- 90%) are senior men and women who haven’t attended schools. They don’t write or read and their daily activities are almost 100% centred around their farms. They grow multiple crops in one small farm, where they interplant maize, banana, beans, sweet potatoes, and coffee with bananas, coffee, tomatoes, and sugar cane being their main sources of income.


The landscape is beautiful and we have a feeling that coffee from this hill, treated and processed separately can be of unique and special profile and that is why, Baho- Ngoma CWS is interested in working closely with these farmers and be their partner in development process through coffee.” 


About Ngoma Washing Station


Ngoma is a new station in the Baho Coffee lineup that Emmanuel purchased in late 2019. It’s located in the famed Nyamasheke district and set in one of the most stunningly beautiful locations, directly on the shores of Lake Kivu. 780 farmers deliver to this station, which translates to around 575 bags of exportable green coffee each season. This makes it one of Baho’s smallest stations, and likely will be the focus of much of the quality program for years to come. 


In Emmanuel’s words:


“To be honest, this is my best ever coffee washing station (CWS), with good view and romantic attractions in Rwanda. It is located on shores of Kivu Lake with multiple options to connect with islands and other cherry collections sides. It is a very quality potential area, and in the ongoing Rwanda coffee appellation project, this CWS is selected because it has a unique profile that might be only found in hills around this CWS.“ 


Transparency  :


2020 Rwanda national farmgate price: 216 Rwanda Francs per kg cherry.

2020 Baho farmgate price at Ngoma station: 350 Rwanda Francs per kg cherry. 

2020 FOT Kigali price to Baho for Ngoma Cyeshero Hill Intango: $4.63USD/lb. 

Emmanuel #1

  • - Type: Single origin

    - Notes: Rasberry, white grape juice

    - Country: Rwanda

    - Region

    Bushekeri Sector, Nyamasheke District

    - Farm: Cyeshero Hill Group - 22 smallholders

    - Process: Washed

    - Varieties: Red Bourbon

    - Altitude: 1550 - 1900m