Our new partnership with the Laderas Del Tapias farm brings us 4 beautiful products freshly arrived in Montréal. Of these an award winning Geisha named best coffee of the Caldas region. A product that is out of the ordinary and will leave no one indifferent. In very limited quantities, taste it before it disappears!

El Japon Natural


    - Type: Single origin

    - Notes: Plum, clementine, complex, cane sugar

    - Country: Colombia

    - Region: Caldas, Neira

    - Farm: Laderas Del Tapias

    - Process: Natural

    - Varieties: Geisha

    - Altitude: 1800m

    - Cupping score: 88

  • BREW

    Here's the proposed ratios:

    • Drip 1:17
    • Espresso 1:2 in 30 seconds

    We sell whole beans only and we suggest you grind it to perfection just before your brew!


    Our coffee is delivered every Tuesday (& Friday if inventory allows), orders need to be entered before Monday 12 h 00 to be included in the Tuesday shipment.

    We ship by bike on certain areas of Montreal.



Conscientiously packaged & delivered.

Handcrafted on an island, near you.

For any wholesale & marketing inquieries

please contact david@escape.cafe

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