Marcala, La Paz

18 Conejo, a family business headed by the mom, Dulce, with eight employees. Flhor de Maria Zelaya is in charge of commercialization of green coffee for export. The team works out of an office and cupping lab in Marcala. The farm consists of more than 20 parcels. Bourbon, Catuai, Parainema and Catimor varieties grow between 1300 and 1400 masl. 18 Conejo’s main attribute is being the first certified biodynamic coffee farm in Central America.

This principle of biodynamic farming starts with organic production and continues by using only locally available materials. The family uses an extensive program of soil preparations based on science and spirituality. These concentrates are applied to the soil in very small quantities but go a very long way in creating nutrition for the plants. The concentrates are made of ingredients such as dried flowers and spices and buried in animal organs such as the bladder as well as the skull. The biodynamic principles are very elaborate and unique, which has earned 18 Conejo international fame and awards. COMICOVEL is supported by Catholic Relief Services (CRS)’s Cosecha Azul project, which preserves and manages freshwater sources on coffee farms in Central America.



    Type: Single origin

    Notes: Butterscotch, Milk chocolate, Caramel

    Country: Honduras

    Region: Marcala, La Paz

    Farm: 18 Conejo

    Process: washed

    Varieties: Bourbon Catuai

    Altitude: 1400m

    Cupping score: 86

    Certification: Biodynamic

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    Drip 1:17

    Espresso 1:2 in 30 seconds

    We sell whole beans only and we suggest you grind it to perfection just before your brew!

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