Chiapas, 9 hours from Oaxaca City, Mexico.


Luis Herrera part of the Cooperative of Ejidos of San Fernando, harvested the geisha's that blown us away this year.  The coffee was dried for 28 days on raised African beds inside a greenhouse in Ocozocoautla, Chiapas at 1500 masl.


Luis is not a talker, his coffees does the talking for him. 


We bought 2 products from him, his natural and washed version. If you are looking for a special mexican coffee. Look no further.


Saludos desde Oaxaca.

Luis' Gesha Natural

  • Type: Single origin

    Notes: Cherry jam, candied berries, sirupy body

    Country: Mexico

    Region: Chiapas

    Farm: Cooperative of Ejidos of San Fernando

    Producer: Luis Herrera

    Process: Natural

    Varieties: Gesha

    Altitude: 1600m

    Cupping score: 87.5