This is a coffee that can change a coffee connoisseur's life. It redefines what coffee can do. This coffee could be reminiscent of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the smooth body of a Kenyan and it can be so fruity that it doesn't seem like coffee at all but rather a fruit concoction. Gold Mountain’s staff stand on the farms of partner producers to ensure that picking is at optimal ripeness according to color, brix refractometer (sugar) readings, and our experience. The result is this medal-winning coffee that blows the minds of customers with its exotic taste. At least once, if not every month, you should order a coffee this mind-blowing.


Who is Gold Mountain?

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a social enterprise that, in addition to its own farm (FincaIdealista), works directly with coffee producers in Nicaragua to connect them with roastersabroad. GMCG is on the ground, all the time, teaming up with producers willing to take the stepsnecessary (and whose altitude and soil conditions allow them) to produce high-cupping specialtycoffee. We literally stand on every partner farm during picking to ensure ripeness withrefractometers and ripeness bracelets. GMCG also carries out sustainable development projects incommunities, such as free computing classes for girls from coffee communities, medicalassistance, microcredit, running water in schools, and educational supplies.



Price paid to Nueva Armenia: 12.00$ usd/lbs

Price of importation : 0.20$ usd/lbs

Total price paid: 12.20$ usd/lbs

C-market at time of purchase: 1.10$ usd/lbs

Quantity purchased : 145lbs


Brix Breaker

  • - Type: Single origin

    - Notes: Mango, papaya, apple, blackberries

    - Country: Nicaragua

    - Region: Jinotega

    - Producers: Partner Producers of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

    - Process: Natural

    - Varieties: Pacamara

    - Altitude: 1400-1500m

Specialty coffee. Conscientiously packaged and delivered. Handcrafted on an island near you

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