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We are freaken drug addicts. (Speciality coffee explained in 2365 words.)

I usually get those questions: What is speciality coffee? Why is my coffee not tasting like the usual McD I’m used to get? Your coffee doesn’t work in my all automated 2000$ amazing coffee machine (I call them little robots and believe me, there’s nothing amazing about a « time & mess saving » machine).

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Here’s my answer: We are freaken drug addicts.

This is just a fact and basically the beginning of most luxury products we consume today; food, alcohol, whisky, beer & wine. It all started because someone discovered they could get a nice feeling or taste out of something. Imagine the first human getting a sip of potato alcohol and telling his friend: “duuuuddde you have to try this.” The rest is history.

Same thing with coffee. The earliest substantiated evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree is from the early 15th century, in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen, spreading soon to Mecca and Cairo.*

So, it started pretty much like this: some genius found out a fruit was giving superpowers. The fruit was bitter, hard and not fun to eat. It was easier to boil it and drink the water.

Here you are. Gawt yo hit. The guys/girls are heroes. The story goes on and on, from 15th century to now, developing varietals, production methods, drying methods, tasting methods, extraction methods, extraction machines, roasting methods, etc.

The foundation of human beings is making something great even greater (which sometimes is not a positive thing). Well, that’s what speciality coffee is. We’ve been burning the stone of a fruit to extract caffeine out of it for over 500 years. The expertise grew and we are now meticulous, professional and scientific about it. Coffee is not only something you get you “hit” from anymore, it’s something sophisticated, aromatic, and mind blowingly good. Just like your best restaurant, IPA’s, wine and Scotch bar. On top of it all, the speciality coffee industry is growing with a 100% sustainable & 360-degree vision, where transparency will become a standard.

Now you know. Time to step up your coffee game, find yourself a great coffee geek spot and discover it for yourself.

This is what speciality coffee is; meticulously processed beans from production, importation, roastery and extraction methods leading to a 100% sustainable delicious cup of dark gold.



*Wikipedia – History of coffee

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